A Different Take on Social Networking
One of our flagship projects, Dsired is a comprehensive social (and sexual) networking platform. We have been involved with the project at early stages, having helped develop branding and concept. The app is in alpha testing and the website will change but we do have an informational site up. Check it out at:


From branding to app development and content, we are involved heavily in all aspects of the Dsired project.

Branding and Design

We designed the logo and carefully crafted the look and feel of the brand.

App Development

We are in the process of developing the mobile app for the project. It is in Alpha testing phase!

More to Come!

We will take on digital strategy for the project along with the communication and growth plan.

Website Design and Development

We designed, developed the website for this client. There will be a phase 2 of the website once the app is deployed.

Social Media

We create content and provide support for social media


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