Perakoda Meets the World

Hello Dreamers!

This is our ta-daa moment! Even though we have been around for a while and build up quite the portfolio, it took us a while to get online ourselves. We have a saying in Turkish: A tailor can’t sew his own clothes. But we finally did.


We are delighted to share with you our lovely company: Perakoda!

We do not like to call ourselves an agency. It is outdated and we are far more nimble and spirited than that. We are a new generation of digital strategists. We are a creative digital solutions company that focuses on like minded entrepreneurs and small to mid sized businesses.

We get excited about our clients’ projects and get emotionally attached. Therefore we like to get involved early on, during ideation phase if possible. That’s not to say that we won’t work with established clients. On the contrary, we like to bring the same fresh mindset to our rooted companies and get them excited for new ideas!

Now that we are finally online. Expect to hear more from us! We will be sharing ideas, projects, tips and more in our blog.

Sign up if you can’t get enough of us! See you on the other side.

Dream on,

Perakoda Team